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IHA Website Links


1 MultiKulti

The Humanist Alliance’s Cultural Centre that is located in down-town Reykjavík

2 Vinir Indlands

The Friends of India society was founded in 2000 and works on various cooperative projects with volunteers from the Humanist Educational Trust in Tamil Nadu, South India.

3 Vinir Kenía

Friends of Kenya revolves around activities carried out in association with a group of volunteers in western Kenya, mainly in Kisumu, Nagori, Nakuru and the capital city, Nairobi.

4 Action India Trust

Action India is established for the benefit and betterment of needy, poor and economically backward people, particularly for the deprived children

5 Otonglo St Anne Support Group

Otonglo St. Anne Support Group in Kisumu, Kenya: a community network providing care and support to orphans, windows and people living with AIDs



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