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About Us


What is IHA ?

The International Humanist Alliance is an international network of volunteer groups working according to humanist principles in various fields. Those groups can be functioning either in an expression role; with political or social tasks, or in a supportive role; human support campaign projects with more concrete activities. What unites both is that they define their activities as a part of a bigger project of "Humanizing the Earth"; to ensure every human being on this planet their birthrights.





Network Expansion


The network of the International Humanist Alliance is based on human relations, not geography. The same "council" can be in many countries, spread over different continents.

The IHA network is designed from the point of view of efficiency in expanding it.

Each person co-ordinates, develops and qualifies the network and activities that they themselves have established. This setup encourages people to focus their attention outwards to make it grow instead of toward internal conflicts. The road to influence is to form bigger human network instead of focusing on having influence within what already exists. In this set-up leading positions are equally accessible for everyone and everyone has the same opportunities.


Life Style


The IHA is open for the participation of any group of people who want to contribute to the humanization of this world in cooperation with others. Its aim is to create a base for participation of people with good intentions without making compromises to their basic ideas and values – it should on the contrary, be encouraging for people to practice increasingly tolerance and respect for other people, their opinions and lifestyles. It should help people to overcome the obstacles they have in their relations with people in their ongoing efforts to achieve more coherence as human beings.

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